Tonio Burgos & Associates, Inc.

At Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. (TB&A) we achieve success for our clients across a broad array of sectors: Homeland Security, Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, Labor, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, Economic Development, Technology, Tourism, Financial Services and Insurance.

Strategic Planning and Consulting  Sometimes, a changing industry climate or a company reassessment calls for a major strategic shift.

TB&A helps clients assess and navigate through both short and long term challenges. TB&A develops a comprehensive plan to achieve the client’s goals, providing advice and expertise at every critical juncture along the way.

Issues and Crisis Management Our ability to respond with confidence and speed, and to leverage extensive community and leadership contacts for our clients, helps manage their issues and crises efficiently and effectively.

At TB&A, our dedicated and experienced team of senior advisors will assess a client’s present situation, and plan a clear “course correction” to help steer the client through the crisis and beyond.

Lobbying and Legislative Affairs  Whether it is a not-for-profit organization seeking additional public funding, or a corporate entity looking for assistance to work with government, having an experienced and knowledgeable partner on your side is critical.

Our TB&A team works with clients everyday to help build sound initiatives. Drawing from a solid understanding of our client’s goals, we work with the right public and private sector entities to navigate the best route to success.

Public Affairs  Building public support can be critical to achieving an organization’s goals. We work with our clients to understand and assess local sentiments and guide them through the process of engaging community leaders, government officials and decision makers.

With deep roots within a diverse set of communities, our team of professionals assist clients in developing meaningful dialogue and forging coalitions that ultimately build support for their objectives.

Specialties: strategic planning crisis management lobbying government & legislative affairs public affairs


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