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Ms. Seto worked “exhaustive hours” for the past four years as executive director of the New York State Democratic Committee, where she was the first Asian to fill that post, just as she was the first Asian spokeswoman for the United States Labor Department, where she was press secretary for Alexis M. Herman, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor.

In February, 2005, she assumed that she had exited 24/7 politics by forming her own consulting agency, the Chung Seto Group. Not that she was giving politics the cold turkey treatment: her first client was the Democratic National Committee. Still, she had no plans to involve herself in the NYC mayoral race. She was an interested bystander.

Seto, who orchestrated New York Comptroller Liu’s political ascent, has been dealing with everything from redecorating to communications with the White House — and has even referred financial advisers to the city’s pension czar, according to e-mails between Seto and Comptroller’s Office staffers.

Correspondence between Seto, a former chief of the state Democratic Party, and the Comptroller’s Office shows that there was no division between Liu’s political operation and the office of the city’s fiscal watchdog.

The e-mails show there were no details too small for Seto, such as including a recycling symbol on business cards, getting an extra key for a secretary, deciding where individual staffers would work and what Liu would say in an economic speech.

And the documents show Seto had use of staff and space at the comptroller’s downtown offices, where she held sway like a chief of staff or operations director.



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