Adelante Strategy Group (ASG)

The principals of the Adelante Strategy Group, Christian Archer, Cuauhtémoc “Temo” Figueroa and Andres Gonzalez are widely recognized as some of the nation’s leaders in grassroots advocacy.

Andrés González is a partner in the Adelante Strategy Group (ASG), a minority-owned Public Affairs and Political Consulting firm with offices in Washington, DC and San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. González’s national political activities include serving in four presidential campaigns as State Director and in National Staff positions. Additionally he was the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee Hispanic Outreach Project for the 2002 Election cycle. Mr. González’s various governmental positions include serving as Special Assistant to U.S.
Andres Gonzalez has been involved in business and politics in Texas and nationally for over 25 years, including most recently as the owner of Andres Gonzalez and Associates, a Public Affairs and Political Consulting firm started in 1992 and located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. The firm has represented small and large businesses, public entities (cities, counties and Indian Tribes), political organizations and candidates.

Andres has worked with clients in the energy, telecommunications, medical, construction, retail sales and housing industries. He has provided strategic planning, lobbying, grassroots lobbying, financial and project management services, and consulted on all aspects of political campaigns.

Andres Gonzalez & Associates is the only Hispanic-owned firm hired as Field Consultants to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) for the last three election cycles. During the 2002 election cycle Andresserved as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Hispanic Outreach Project.


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