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76 Words is a full service strategy, television, radio and online consulting firm. Our clients include candidates for office at all levels, progressive organizations and ballot initiatives.

We make television ads, radio ads, craft campaign strategy and online outreach. And we do it more creatively and with more commitment than just about anyone out there.

Simply put, when we sign-on to a campaign we become your teammates. We do not believe the relationship is going well if we only talk a couple of times a month on a conference call. We want to know what’s happening on the ground. Get to know you. Help with speeches, press releases, whatever it takes to make your campaign as successful as it can be.

We produce more than 90% of our work in-house. Meaning it’s easy for us to cut that response ad before you’ve had your morning coffee, and it’s cheaper for you no matter what timeline your working with.

We own high-quality Final Cut edit studios and a range of professional HD digital cameras. When it comes time to film, we want to work with you to plan how to get the most bang for your advertising buck. Usually that means grouping candidates into shoot days and changing up how we plan shoot days based on the needs of the scripts we have agreed to well ahead of time. We never contract out producers. We personally oversee all production and direct each candidate.


We buy in partnership with Kyle Osterhout of Screen Strategies. Simply put, no one is as strategic, creative or cost conscious as Screen Strategies.

Screen Strategies’ mission is to provide creative media plans for each campaign the caucus is working on that meet the strategic needs laid out by a campaign’s polling and on-the-ground work. Screen Strategies ensures these plans meet the individual campaign’s goals through proprietary technology such as Traffic Lite, Competitive Advantage Report and Money Meter. These systems provide a clear view of your advertising traffic, your competitor(s) and how effectively your money is being spent.

These specialized reporting systems, and full accessibility and communication ensures that the campaign will never be in the dark about the buy. This level of information and communication means the full team will have everything we need to make the best decisions during the critical moments all campaigns face, whether that means staying calm and following our plan or making strategic changes.

Specialties: on-line consulting on-line outreach


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