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4C/MM produces Television spots that connect you with voters… and separates your opponent from them.  Digital and online with targeted messaging.  Radio that works in a synergistic media mix.

Our services include: Political Consulting, General Consulting, Political Strategy, TV Advertising, Video Production, Media Production, Mail Production, Media Buying, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Advertising, Radio Advertising

Brian Smoot is one of the leading Democratic strategists in Congressional Politics. During the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Brian worked as the general consultant for Priorities USA, helping to lead a team that effectively defeated the Republican opponent.  In 2010, Brian was the Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure program where he was instrumental in helping Democrats retain control of the U.S. Senate.  In the 2008 cycle, Brian was the Political Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) overseeing more than 75 challenger campaigns and 30 incumbent re-election campaigns. Brian is a veteran of multiple winning campaigns and has served as a chief of staff on the Hill for two members.

Brad Lawrence has produced winning electronic media and direct mail on behalf of political campaigns and for business, educational, environmental, health care and labor organizations since the 1980s.  Brad created the TV spot The New York Times called “legendary in political circles.”  A frequent lecturer on campaigns and media, Brad served as media and strategic consultant for Bob Menendez’s and Chris Murphy’s recent United States Senate victories and for the DSCC IE campaigns that helped defeat Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon  Brad’s work has been instrumental in winning tough campaigns for Governors, Members of Congress and Mayor Cory Booker, among others.




Specialties: political consulting TV advertising mail production digitial advertising targeted messaging


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