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Zentek is an IT management company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our goal is to take the burden of managing your company’s computer systems off your shoulders.

What is an IT management company? We step in and take the day-to-day operations of all things computer off the shoulders of business owners. We provide our clients with personalized management, friendly and patient support staff, monthly proactive maintenance, and a variety of other IT-related consulting services.

How does using an IT management company benefit me? While every situation is unique, our personalized management service allows our team of trained system administrators, developers, technicians, and support staff help your business systems run better, faster, and more efficently than ever before. Overall, our clients see more productivity, less problematic systems, and happier employees.

What if we already have IT staff? We can supplement your current staff and help take some of the burden off their shoulders in a cost effective way. For example: if you wanted us to fully manage 10 computers, it would average just $1,775 per month on our Gold tier and that’s less than half than the cost of adding an entry-level technician to your staff. We’re also able to work with our clients to provide just maintenance or help desk services at special pricing — just ask us!

We already have someone who fixes our computers. Let us take over for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your setup fees and walk away with a clean slate.

I can’t use your services, but know a company who can! Fantastic and thanks! Let us know about them so we can reach out! 5% of all revenue generated by referrals go to charity.

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Specialties: IT services IT management data backup virus protection PC and server maintenance technical support


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