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Award winning retired Judge Wendy M. Baxter brings the experience honed from 31 years as a jurist to her alternative dispute resolution practice at WinWin Facilitation, PLLC. The Honorable Wendy M. Baxter has the experience of presiding over settlement discussions, hearings and trials that can only be gleaned from administration of a diverse high volume docket. WinWin Facilitation, PLLC is a natural choice for alternative dispute resolution, whether the format is facilitation, arbitration, mediation or med-arb. ADR assist resolution of complex civil cases in litigation, including malpractice, employment and civil rights. Her practice as a facilitator, mediator and neutral arbitrator also serves business, tort, real-estate, insurance and automobile litigation. Whether assisting the disposition of sensitive personal injury cases, complex business litigation cases or public interest policy cases, WinWin looks for pathways for fruitful discussions leading to dispute resolution.

Trial Judge with 33 years experience now in law practice  specializing in  Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration. Elected 8 times and appointed by to Court of Appeals by special assignment.


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Specialties: law/legal dispute resolution mediation


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