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Strategic Counseling

Weiss Public Affairs works with Fortune 500 companies, high profile individuals, coalitions and non-profit organizations to determine the right strategy for their needs. Whether the approach should be utilizing the internet to raise the profile of a company or developing a cohesive message in a fast-moving environment, Weiss Public Affairs hits on the winning strategy every time.

Crisis Communications & Strategy

Weiss Public Affairs handles the media for renowned attorney Kenneth R. Feinberg on his high profile compensation funds. Weiss previously served as the spokesperson for Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, which administered the $20 billion fund set up by BP to compensate victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Weiss served as the media representative for the Facility and spokesperson for Feinberg. She also served as the liaison between local, state and federal officials and the Facility. Traveling weekly to the Gulf region with Feinberg, Weiss was responsible for coordinating proactive and reactive communications strategies and scheduling for Feinberg.

Weiss has handled crisis communications for both Gallaudet University and American University in Washington, D.C. Weiss provided strategic advice and counsel to the Board of Trustees for these institutions at times when the Boards faced protests from students, faculty and alumni.

Weiss and a colleague worked for a high-profile businessman who was involved in a dispute with an international business conglomerate. The case involved legal actions in the United States and abroad. Working with the international legal team, they wrote the strategic communications plan and led the international public relations teams in London, Moscow and Bermuda.

Weiss worked for a Fortune 100 company on a litigation communications strategy. Weiss developed the strategic communications plan for the litigation, as well as directed the development of a web page, a press release, a letter from the CEO and other press and internal materials for the lawsuit. Weiss managed all of the press concerning the litigation and spearheaded the media campaign.
Issues Management

Weiss Public Affairs works with T. Boone Pickens and spearheads the Pickens Plan, a campaign focused on making the U.S. energy independent, by utilizing America’s own resources – including natural gas and wind. Weiss is the Pickens Plan campaign manager, overseeing all aspects of the strategy, including messaging, social media, grassroots & third-party outreach, and paid & earned media. As Mr. Pickens’ Washington, D.C. media representative, Weiss Public Affairs also organizes press one-on-ones, interviews and media round table discussions with Mr. Pickens as he continues his national and inside-the-beltway effort to promote the Plan. Weiss Public Affairs regularly holds private meetings for Pickens and Democratic and Republican strategists and cable TV “talking heads” in order to continue the important dialogue about the merits of the Pickens Plan.

Media & Speech Training

It isn’t easy to speak your mind, especially if your job depends on it. Weiss and a colleague conducted three days of media training for members of a large union. With strict guidelines on what they can and cannot say, it was essential that their members know the tools to develop key messages, learn to stay on message in interviews, and understand how to identify an issue that should be brought to the media’s attention. Weiss and a colleague walked them step by step through the process of developing a message and learning how to reach out to the media.

Weiss had also conducted day long media training sessions for the president of one of the largest foundations in the country, staff at another large foundation, as well as elected officials and C-Suite management at Fortune 50 companies.

Coalition Building

It can be a challenge to manage a coalition of entities that don’t always see eye to eye. It’s all about finding common ground, building consensus and making progress. Weiss did this by managing Better Health Care Together, a coalition of leaders in business, labor and public policy sectors urging the nation’s leaders to take action on the issue of reforming health care by 2012. Weiss helps the coalition members to set the agenda, implement the plans and recruit new members. Weiss handled the media roll out as well as short- and long-term earned and paid media strategy for this coalition which made up of “strange bedfellows” – such as Walmart, SEIU, AT&T, the Communications Workers of America, Intel Corporation, Kelly Services, General Mills, the Center for American Progress, and the Committee for Economic Development, among others

Amy Weiss has served in the highest levels of government, corporate and non-profit sectors in her 25-years as a successful communications professional. Her career has included top positions such as:

  • White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton
  • Point Blank Public Affairs co-founder and principal
  • Vice President of Public Affairs for the United Nations Foundation and Executive Director of its lobbying arm, the Better World Campaign
  • Senior Vice President of Communications for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
  • Director of Public Affairs at the international firm Burson-Marsteller
  • Campaign Manager and Press Secretary to U.S. Rep. Mike Synar (D-OK)
  • Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee
  • Clinton/Gore Campaign Press Secretary in Oregon (1992)
  • Communications Director at the Center for National Policy under Presidents Kirk O’Donnell & Madeleine K. Albright


Specialties: cohesive messaging branding effectiveness strategic consulting communications strategies media campaign development grassroots & third-party outreach coalition building media & speech training


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