Valentin Consulting

Direct Mail and Strategy that Wins

Valentin Consulting provides direct mail communications for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations, as well as other collateral campaign material, and campaign management services. With Valentin Consulting your mail is sure to stand out in the mailbox and with our precise targeting, we’ll make sure it gets into the right hands.

Valentin Consulting

Valentin Consulting was founded by Eli Valentin to provide direct mail communications, as well as other collateral campaign materials, and general consulting services. We have over 16 years of seasoned campaign and government experience. Our firm provides top-of-the line campaign services that promotes one thing—victory for our clients.

Valentin Consulting wins elections

We focus strictly on electoral and public affairs campaigns and offer expertise based on decades of hard fought experience. VC provides direct mail services to campaigns, labor and non-profit organizations. And through our general consulting services, we have successfully managed all facets of a campaign. We also provide communications consulting to help campaigns navigate the media process. Since its inception, the firm has worked with campaigns all across the country and for many levels of office; from local races to state campaigns.

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Specialties: direct mail strategy and campaign management communication consulting collateral material development


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