True Blue Inclusion

True Blue Inclusion helps diversity leaders become business leaders. We are a resource not found anywhere else. We connect you with people of power, position and influence across the globe. They are thought leaders in society, government, business and politics whose insights and counsel reach far beyond the boundaries of everyday work. True Blue companies engage each other in real time on real issues, collaborating on building solutions with imaginative, creative thinking.

We are a female owned business led by:

Catherine Smith who carries a portfolio of keen business skills coupled with leadership network accessibility. She served substantially in the White House, both as a trusted Presidential advisor, and as a practical expert on planning and achieving successful negotiations. Catherine served on the Diversity Best Practices executive team, where she led relationship building and consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

She’s worked tirelessly on diversity and inclusion platforms on behalf of NBC Universal, iVillage, Inc., Bonnier Corporation and Lamaze Publishing. In all her work, she’s become a trusted advisor who effectively works within organizations to build diversity and inclusion platforms. She’s particularly effective in crystallizing the right solution on to many-faceted challenges, in both corporate and non-profit sectors.



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