The MargLan Group, LLC

Marguerita Lance is the President of The MargLan Group LLC of Atlanta, where she is a Public Involvement Consultant. She facilitates public meetings, develops meeting/feedback summaries, logistics and briefings with key stakeholders, elected officials and agencies. She has spearheaded a $250,000 civic partnership between International Facilities Management Association and Wesley Woods Foundation, and executed a multifaceted environmental impact study outreach activities for the Atlanta Beltline Corridor Project.

Marguerita also works as a Private Sector/Intergovernmental Affairs External Affairs Liaison for  DHS- Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where she has coordinated business seminars, as well as led Deepwater Horizon Spill Event Unified Command community outreach in Wakulla County, Florida.



Specialties: environmental impact study outreach


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, Atlanta, GA