The Daniel Initiative

The Daniel Initiative is a movement that originates from the main tenants of the Biblical leader, Daniel. It was his excellence, integrity, and wise counsel that caused the mainstream facets of society to acknowledge his God. In Daniel’s lifetime, he and his comrades were taken into captivity and tested to see if they had the ability to stand within the Babylonian courts. For us today, we may not all have the ability to stand in the same place, yet there is at least one arena in life where God has graced every person to have influence. This movement is about Christians finding their place in the marketplace, where they are graced to be the Daniels, Josephs, and Esthers of their perspective spheres of influence. While our organization is based on Biblical principles, we do not exclusively assist Christian organizations. Our dominant audience may be Christian, but we also assist clients and organizations with overarching goals that positively impact society and humanity.

Political Consulting (Government Relations Engagement and Public Policy Advocacy on National Security, Cybersecurity, Criminal Justice Reform, and Voting Rights), Strategic Communications (Public Relations, Crisis Management).


Specialties: crisis management public policy advocacy strategic communication cybersecurity


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