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Talaya Waller, LLC Personal Branding Consulting: Online presence strategy, public relations, and crisis management for executives, government officials, politicians, and public figures.

Digital media plays a critical role in today’s business and government. Now, executives of all levels are affected by how their personal brand is perceived online. As a result, personal branding can influence what decisions are made and who gets to make them. We use digital media and public relations to help individuals manage how they share their online presence. Founded by Talaya Waller, who after years of extensive business research, developed a competitive methodology for building credible online narratives that have advanced her clients’ careers. We offer entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, and public figures the tools they need to build and promote a professional and consistent online presence.

Very few companies offer a full-complement of personal branding services necessary to guide clients through all stages of their professional life-cycle. We work with clients in different stages of their personal brand: development, growth, and recovery. As a result, services are separated into three categories: online presence strategy, public relations, and crisis management. Our personal branding services prove to be an invaluable resource and unique competitive advantage to our clients.




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