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Today’s business leaders face a broad range of challenges: slower adoption of new products, drastically reduced capital investments by key customers, increased commoditization of numerous technology offerings, emergence of new low-price competitors with better cost structures, and—for some—confirmation that their original business model is unsustainable. These challenges do not only affect an overall business strategy — they add up to fast-paced changes with significant impact on the strategy of individual business entities. That’s where T.J. Adams & Associates comes in. We help organizations answer these and other important strategic challenges. Our tools and frameworks enable management to formulate, model, test, and implement the strategies that yield sustainable results. More importantly, T.J. Adams & Associates sets up processes for the continual refinement and adjustment of strategy.
Enterprise Performance Improvement
Growth Strategy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Strategy Visioning

We provide innovative solutions to companies of all sizes to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment. We offer a variety of creative service delivery options, including:

  • Professional, technical, and traditional staffing resources;
  • Quality assessment, testing, and training for your personal needs;
  • Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in your personal requirements;
  • Staffing and management of startup operations;
  • Re-engineering employee skill-sets to match the needs of a changing workplace;
  • Transitional staffing and management during major business changes such as mergers, acquisitions and layoffs
  • MBE/DBE Firm.

T J A Staffing Services- We are ready to work for you.

Benefits befitting the best employees…

Our reputation as career partners attracts skilled men and women seeking new career choices or flexible work options. By joining T J A Staffing Services, our employees..

  • are a part of a strong national workforce, who talents encompass virtually every field.
  • can explore career opportunities through T. J. Adams & Associates
  • have access to jobs in diverse industries through T J A Staffing and T. J. Adams & Associates’ clients worldwide.

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