Solidarity Strategies

Chuck, is the President and Founder of Solidarity Strategies. Solidarity is a minority owned and operated full service, political consulting firm located in Washington, DC. Solidarity takes Chuck Rocha’s 25 years of political campaign experience to specialize in voter contact through Mail, Phones and Digital advertising services. Our clients include federal and state candidates for office, Pac’s, 501-c4 and 501 c3′s.

Solidarity Strategies is also a full service government affairs firm specializing in grassroots mobilization, PAC development, Latino strategy, coalition building and lobbying. Chuck brings his 6 years of service on the board of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute board, and his long term relationships members in Congress through 25 years of campaign and issue advocacy work.

Solidarity Strategies is a MBE certified minority vendor/supplier.

Mail Services

Solidarity Strategies creates English and Spanish language mail programs that are data-driven and have a proven track record of being effective. We tailor our mail campaigns to meet the specific needs of our clients, and integrate our mail into persuasion and GOTV campaigns as well as grassroots lobbying efforts so that your message is seamlessly integrated into your overall communications plan. Below is an outline of all the stages of mail production, from the initial request to its timely delivery.

Phone Services

Our phone campaigns are data-driven and effective, as they are fully aligned with our clients’ overall communications plan, helping deliver a compelling and efficient message. We are committed to providing same-day script writing, whether it means creating an initial draft for client review, or editing an existing script given to us by the client. Depending on the target audience, we advise on any disclaimers, origin numbers, or contact information critical to the legal implementation of the phone campaign.

Digital Demand Side Platform

Solidarity helps create targeted Digital Campaigns for our clients. We specialize in inventory and match our client’s portfolios to our unique set of metrics. We are able to deliver a digital Ad campaign that is targeted to a specific voter and specific geographical region. This innovated digital advertising method can help your organization with targeted universes for example GOTV. We have (40 segments) available. With our services we can create cost effective ways to provide you with digital display Ads, pre-roll and mobile services.

Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Chuck Rocha followed in his father’s footsteps as a union worker for the Kelley – Springfield Tire Company. Chuck started his union career at the age of 19 as a member of the United Rubber Workers Local 746. He soon became the youngest-ever elected officer in the history of Local 746. Within eight years, through hard work and a string of electoral and organizational victories, Chuck Rocha was appointed the National Political Director of the United Steelworkers, America’s largest industrial union, in May 1998. He was one of the youngest people, and at the time the only Latino, to serve as the National Political Director of a major American labor union.

During the 2008 Election his intuition and persistence helped perfect the union’s outreach to its membership. He grew the Steelworkers’ Activist Corps to a disciplined operation made up of nearly 12,000 volunteers and 435 member organizers who were released from their jobs for full-time political work. Mr. Rocha’s leadership has built the Steelworkers’ political operation by blending traditional grassroots, membership-based organizing with state-of-the-art technology and communications with great success. In the 2008 Presidential Election, members of the USW supported Barack Obama for President by an overwhelming 72%, while non-union members of the same demographic (primarily white males, over the age of 50 with an annual income over $60,000) only supported Obama’s candidacy by a mere 32% in the 2008 election.

Specialties: government affairs grassroots mobilitization Latino strategy coalition building lobbying political consulting digital advertising services GOTV


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