Solidarity Campaigns

Solidarity Campaigns is a full-service campaign firm, providing world-class opposition research, rapid response and media support services and direct mail to Democratic candidates and other progressive causes.

News Search

  • Lexis-Nexis Newspaper and Professional Journal Searches and Summaries.
  • Local/ “B-Market” Paper (library and newspaper) Search and Summary.
  • Public statements, testimony, letters to the editor.
  • Extensive Internet search.

Campaign Finance

  • Contribution and Expenditure Reports, Ethics Complaints, and Personal Financial Statements Summaries and Analyses.
  • Analysis of Contributions by Industry with Ties to Bad Actors (e.g. PAC contributions, Jack Abramoff, vouchers, oil, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, contributors doing business with the state).

Personal/Professional Records

  • Personal Background Check Summaries, including: education verification, real estate records, legal representation history and law firm/lobbying activities, bar complaints, discrimination or employment disputes, conflicts of interest, FEC contributions, corporate filings, for-profit/not-for-profit registered agent filings.


Direct Mail Services

Further, Solidarity can provide your campaign with innovative and effective direct mail. This service makes us unique, because we offer world-class research as well. Usually, you must depend on your mail consultant and research consultant to communicate with each other to get the facts and message straight. With Solidarity Campaigns, you get the graphics, messaging and fact-checking from the people who best know the material.

DBE/Disabled Firm.


Specialties: opposition research rapid response media support services direct mail


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