Social By Design

We’re a new strategy consulting firm dedicated to bridging the worlds of online engagement and offline movements. With offices in Silicon Valley and Washington DC, we’re enabling businesses, government agencies, and NGOs to grow by deliberately empowering the people they serve.

Social by design: an approach to growth, efficiency, and increasing market impact by deliberately empowering the people you serve — online, offline, wherever they happen to be. It’s premised on the notion that growth in the new socially networked economy largely depends on your ability to enable people to engage and perform. Great idea – it’s a market category called “social business”– and there’s more than ample proof that it works. But to do this requires you know what business opportunity you are trying to design for – e.g., sales, marketing, product innovation — which people you need to empower, and which tools and environments – digital, mobile, physical space — you need to get the job done. Working with pioneers in social science, strategic communications, and organizational consulting, we have developed a simple yet adaptable method for helping organizations move swiftly from insight (discovery) strategy (design) to implementation (delivery).


  • Stakeholder Research
  • Product Positioning
  • Engagement Strategy and Marketing Plan Development
  • Technology Development and Integration
  • Marketing Program Implementation



Specialties: ecosystem review conduct an industry benchmark develop engagement programs technology implementation education and training marketing execution and measurement


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