SMS Elect is a text message donations service.  Well we can beat anyone! We include all cost in our price of a flat 6% per donation.  This includes the cost for text messages, a phone # and other costs you do not have to worry about!  We are a company that values customer service and customer experience.  You do not have to call us to find out our pricing for the text message donations service.  We provide that below but if you need to give us a shout then dial 202-630-1SMS.  We have great tools to share with you.

Can you send a text message? 72% of American adults use text messaging. Texting a KEYWORD with the amount (Keyword 100 for $100) to a unique number provided to you by smsElect initiates the donation process. After confirming the donation amount users complete a one time registration process and then the funds are transferred to a your bank account. Simple!

Reach new audiences and encourage supporters to connect with you in yet another way. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by utilizing smsElect.

With smsElect you can be sure that you will remain complaint. Export your donors data and seamlessly upload into other software.

smsElect does not store or receive any credit card information. Period. All cardholder data is transmitted to and stored securely in our payment processor’s system. It is very safe and secure for your organization and your donor!

MBE/WME firm.

Fundraising Consultant, Website Development & Internet Services, Voter/Fundraising Lists

Specialties: Electronic donation collection text response system user friendly application


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