Scott Circle Communications

At Scott Circle, we share our clients’ passion for their work and ambition in their objectives. We approach each engagement by beginning with the end in mind. We focus on identifying the goals for the program and understanding how they fit into the broader organizational objectives.

We are results-oriented and intently focused on achieving our clients’ objectives. Whether working with an organization for a few months to support a launch or specific meeting, or engaging over the long-term to facilitate an annual conference or drive ongoing thought leadership, we deliver the best quality and results.

Providing a full spectrum of public relations and event planning capabilities, Scott Circle executes impactful, goal-oriented programs that help organizations effectively tell their stories – whether to the media or internal stakeholders. Our clients are bold in their missions and creative in their approaches – we bring this same philosophy to the table. We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness and innovative thinking.

Our public relations programs complement traditional media outreach and engagement with innovative social media campaigns. And when appropriate, we utilize community outreach and celebrity engagement to amplify the message. When it comes to event planning, we pride ourselves on the details – ensuring attendees enjoy a seamless, engaging experience that represents the vision of the organization.

Experienced with and capable of handling large-scale projects and those requiring sensitive information, our work includes projects involving foreign dignitaries, US officials, celebrities, major television networks and international organizations. And we’re equally inspired by our work with smaller organizations and non-profits.

At Scott Circle, we live and breathe Washington, DC. And we know what it takes to get things done inside the Beltway. We are connected to the right people, have the local resources, and are in the know on everything you need to make your visit to our nation’s capital unforgettable.

We handle your stay from concept to completion- from defining a unique agenda and precisely executing the itinerary to designing memorable expereinces and facilitating program logistics.

Areas of service include:

  • Itinerary planning and private tour coordination
  • Meals, excursions, and entertainment
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Event design, including all aspects of venue selection, catering, lighting, floral, photography, and entertainment
  • Hospitality, including booking and on-site registration support
  • VIP and dignitary services, including private security and coordination with local law enforcement
  • Marketing and administrative services, including signage and attendee materials

Beyond planning your program and executing specific events, we arrange for local staff to ensure flawless execution and accommodate any on-site requirements or changes.

As the founder and principal of Scott Circle, Laura Gross leads the public relations side of the business – overseeing strategic planning and program management for clients. More than just a thinker, however, Laura is actively engaged in business operations and client service.

Prior to founding Scott Circle in 2006, Laura held a senior communications role with a national political committee, a political action committee and served as spokesperson for a high-profile politician with dozens of requests from the media every day. She was also senior vice president at a digital communications firm, where she created Internet communications strategies for politicians and non-governmental organizations. She experienced how newsrooms operate as a member of the NPR public relations team, promoting national programs and on-air personalities. Laura was also director of The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards – planning numerous events and working directly with a wide array of high-profile people.

Specialties: public relations confidential engagement programs conference/event planning destination management media logistics and management on-site requirements community outreach


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