Richard Media Company

Richard Media Company is a boutique communications and design firm located in Washington, DC.
We break down the barriers between our clients and their desired audience, through smart storytelling, strategic media placement, and savvy content creation.

We combine art, text, and technology to effectively present your brand to your audience across all mediums. We know that first impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to your business. Richard Media Company works hand in hand with our clients to develop images and graphics in all formats (print, digital, web) to truly reflect your brand and your aspirations. From logos and letterhead to brochures, newsletters, posters and more, our team will help you create the perfect layout for your needs. We have a working expertise in design applications and techniques, ensuring all produced compositions tell your story by combining creativity and technology.

We handle all aspects of the video production process: logistics, messaging, directing, filming, animation, editing, color correcting, tagging, and sharing. Our goal is to understand your objectives, determine a clear creative direction and tell your story with the energy, style, and importance that it deserves. Storytelling is our strong suit and with our team’s experience behind the camera and in front of it – your voice will be heard crystal clear. We offer video packages to suit the unique needs and budget of every client.

Our team works to distill your message down to its truest essence and tell your stories in a way that is both memorable and impactful. We expertly craft talking points, persuasive message frames, and media strategies for any size organization.  Our messaging team focuses on providing agile solutions through disciplined procedures, which are grounded in creativity and meticulous planning. We believe in breaking down the barriers between our clients and their desired audience.

Richard Media Company has trained thousands of individuals on the importance of messaging, body language, leadership, and more. We teach our clients how to develop and deliver an impactful message to any audience. We offer comprehensive media training for groups, principals, communications directors, organizers, and more.  Our media training also covers booking, five-point message framing, personal storytelling, and real time on-camera experience.

Our core service is to target, pitch, and book national and local media that will get you results. Our job is to get you seen and heard on the outlets that matter. We have placed clients on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, international outlets such as RT, CTV, CCTV, NDTV, NHK, Al Jazeera English, ITV and ITN, as well as local outlets across the country.

Specialties: strategic media placement content creation surrogate booking/management database management/visualization video production web development graphic design media training public relations


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