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We work with the world’s leading organizations that value supplier diversity and desire to do it right.

Whether the goal is to make assessments using the industry-recognized RGMA Five Levels, educate your workforce through training and development or capitalize on innovation through program strategy and design, we deliver expertise that works. Our solutions align with company strategy, structure and culture to make supplier diversity both a meaningful and relevant component of realizing shareholder value.

Redefining Supplier Diversity

A new economy requires responsiveness.

A changing demographic demands diversity.

And an increasingly competitive market requires innovation.

At its core, supplier diversity is the smart strategy businesses need to add value and reinforce quality.

As supplier diversity has evolved in the corporate and public setting, so, too, has the role of its stewards. Leading, managing and implementing supplier diversity is now a multi-layered effort that requires everything from stakeholder engagement, to marketing and communications. Although challenges abound, supplier diversity’s increasingly critical role in corporate strategy serves as an opportunity to grow programs into meaningful strategic initiatives.

The changing demographics require strong economies to have strong minority, women and other diverse businesses. Diverse businesses are in a unique position of being able to not only service their customers, but further enhance their strategy through cultural insights that help them be more competitive in a global marketplace.


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