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Don Powell formed Powell Phones in February 2000, after more than a decade as Vice President of Political Sales at Telemark, Inc. A seasoned campaign veteran, Don has run campaigns for all levels of government since 1966, including races for the U.S. Senate and House, and statewide and local Ballot Measures.

Don’s experience in political calling campaigns includes:

  • voter ID
  • advocacy
  • persuasion
  • GOTV
  • absentee ballot follow-up
  • grass roots


Phone programs are an integral part of any coordinated campaign’s voter contact strategy. Powell Phones helps its clients win close elections with our proven strategies.

Voter Identification

Paid phones are the most efficient way to collect information about the views of individual voters, to segment those voters into supporters, opponents, or undecided groups, and to probe the priorities of voters who are undecided.

Based on the strategic needs of your campaign, Powell Phones will suggest the questions to be asked, draft the script, and recommend the most likely voter target groups to call.

Early Vote/Vote By Mail

Early vote programs lend themselves to geographical targeting to increase voter turnout in low propensity voting areas. A well-timed phone call can instill the urgency and importance of filling out an application or sending in a ballot.

Chase calls (closely following direct mail) will increase vote by mail participation by as much as 50% over direct mail alone.

GOTV (Get Out The Vote)

Concentrated calls on or near election day are particularly important in non-presidential years because as many as 10% of voters will otherwise forget to vote. A mix of live and automated calls works to motivate voters and inform them of where and when to vote.

On election day, we can concentrate our GOTV calls on low performing precincts or counties by moving the calling to wherever it is needed based on hourly turnout totals.

Specialties: phone bank services GOTV services town hall management voter IDs


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