Postcard is a digital-to-physical platform that uses the power of individually created postcards to drive collective action and bring people and organizations one step closer to what is important to them. Postcard’s social action programs empower users to take real-world action on the causes and people that they care about, creating meaningful connections and communicating unified messages with lasting impact.

Postcard is a New York-based public benefit corporation with B-Corp pending status, the highest standard for socially responsible businesses.

At Postcard, we believe in the power of words, images, and stories. So many of us regularly share those images and stories online, but rarely get the chance to share them in the physical world. Using the power of printed Postcards, we’re going to change that. On each one of our platforms (iOS, Android, web, or widget), with just a small gesture, you can Join a Movement or Share a Moment, and get one step closer to the people and causes most important to you.

Take action on behalf of one of our non-profit or cause related partners, or choose a home-grown Postcard movement from the scrolling list on our home screen. Once you decide how you want to get involved, take or upload a photo relevant to the movement of your choice, write a message, verify your email address or log in, and click submit. We will use your photo and message to create a physical postcard. Your postcard, along with other postcards created in support of the same cause, will be printed and delivered en masse to the real world. One batch may be delivered to a Senator’s mailbox, another may appear as an art mural in a public space, or be distributed at a live event.

We partner with non-profits and other cause related organizations working to create positive social impacts. Our partners utilize our app, website, and widget to encourage their supporters to create free postcards around a cause or movement relevant to them. Postcard deliveries are always orchestrated to further support our partners, and the positive impact they hope to have on our world. If you are interested in partnering with Postcard or would like to learn more, shoot us an email at

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