While most political call centers work for any and all clients, we are committed to Democratic candidates and causes. While turning away this large percentage of potential business, our pricing remains very competitive and we pride ourselves on our fast, attentive and reliable client service.


We offer political telemarketing services to elected officials, candidates and causes. Our services include live operator phone banks, automated call broadcasts (robocalls) and TeleForums (telephone town halls).

Our diverse client base ranges from federal and state office holders and candidates (constituent and voter outreach), national and regional union groups (member communications) as well as regional and local candidates and issues (local elections, school board races, bond measures) all over the country.

You can trust us with a diversity of projects including Voter ID and persuasion voter contact, multi-question polls and surveys and GOTV calls.

- Offering you political phone banks of over two hundred (200) fully trained live operators who can connect with over 200,000 voters per day.

- Offering you the ability to broadcast automated multi-question robocall campaigns of any size of call universe, using 100% land-based phone lines.

- Offering you TeleForum (Telephone Town Hall) technology, which allows for live, interactive teleconferencing events with potentially hundreds of thousands of voters all at once, in a controlled and managed environment.

- Offering you Voter List and Data Development services that include access to voter files from all 50 states

We offer our clients…

Robocall Services

• Public Opinion Polls/Political Polls • Automated Voter ID polls • GOTV – Get Out the Vote • Advocacy and Persuasion calls • Early voting – Vote by mail reminders • Absentee Ballot Notification • Press 1 – Call Transfers • Event Notification • Endorsement Notification

Live Operator Call Services:

• GOTV, advocacy, single message delivery • Surveys, polling, issue research, message testing • Voter ID, voter preference, voter persuasion calls • Fundraising and Grassroots lead generation • Patch-through service to direct caller to officials or candidates • Call Monitoring available • Caller ID programming available • Hispanic and Asian Languages available



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P.O. Box 19037, Portland, OR 97280