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At Political Systems & Solutions we develop a comprehensive strategy focused on winning.

PS&S combines all of the robust pieces of a campaign, by developing, analyzing, and executing a solid overall political plan. PS&S provides automated calling services (robocalls), including live and virtual phone banks, as well as direct mail and general campaign consulting services.  We also specialize in effective media messaging strategies including GOTV.

Political Strategy & Development

Message development and strategic planning are some of the most vital parts of the campaign. A candidate must not only know what he or she stands for, but also be able to express those ideas in a clear and concise way. The strategy formation team will take poll results, match them to the candidate’s core beliefs, and help the candidate present and deliver them in a manner that voters really understand and want to hear them. Historical voter turnout is fleshed out in order to target those voters most likely to vote. The strategy is expanded out in order to complement the other ground game activities including the phone banking scripts.

In addition the strategy formation team will also set up the War Room. An area consisting of maps, phone bank feed back, poll results, and other management metrics in order to respond to and measure effectiveness, increase visibility, and react to changes in the political climate (problems in our opponent’s camp). These metrics and information will allow us to know how effective we are in many areas, and enable us to make the proper adjustment of resources based on solid data as opposed to anecdotal information.

PS&S has developed our own state of the art autodialing system We can make thousands, even hundreds of  thousands of calls within a few hours with your crystal clear message.

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