Most Political ads are bad.

Hispanic political ads are even worse.


Google Hispanic political marketing and you’ll find a plethora of agencies with reams of stats and data on the importance of ‘connecting’ with Latino voters. But not one agency will explain HOW to make that connection in political ads.

My background is in ADVERTISING; I’m the one that makes shampoo commercials. I can explain why those political ads are bad,  and I can make effective ones. I’ve been doing this for 16 years.

Election after election, poorly produced Hispanic ads hit the airwaves like stink bombs. Translated ads that bash opponents, will irritate potential Latino voters with confusing, mean messages often prompting them to not vote at all.

Your English-language ads were written for Anglo voters; you can’t translate that message for Latinos. We don’t feel or think the same way. The English language is harsh compared to Spanish and it comes through in translations. You have to start fresh to make a positive impact.

I don’t translate ads. I conceptualize ideas. I write scripts. I produce political ads that make sense.


I start with your platform, find the meaningful nuggets that matter to Hispanics, and create an original message that speaks directly to their hearts.


Creating material for a compelling campaign that appeals to Latinos requires skill and knowledge of the political scheme, the culture, the language and a professional advertising creative.


About Me

  • I am a Hispanic political advertising writer, and ad maker.
  • Persuasive communicator with a passionate understanding of politics and Latino culture.
  • Lived, studied and worked in the US and Mexico.
  • Studied Spanish literature, Political Science and Communications.


What I can do for your campaign

  • I will get the Latino vote for you.
  • Create credible, interesting ads that won’t ‘turn off’ voters.
  • Edit and review campaign messaging, speeches and ads to assure that miscommunications are avoided before they hit the airwaves.
  • Advise candidates on how to effectively communicate with Latinos at the grassroots level in Hispanic neighborhoods.


50,000 Hispanics will turn 18 years of age, every month, for the next 2 decades. Most of them WILL vote. Isn’t it time you hired a qualified Hispanic advertising creative writer to produce your ads? Do you really want to take that chance? You can’t un-lose an election.

Winning elections means winning over Latinos.

Specialties: Hispanic political strategies, writing/producing media, speech writing, image consulting, communications content creation, branding


Specialties: hispanic political strategies writing/producing media speech writing image consulting communications content assimilation branding


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