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Founded in 1987, Pierre & Associates, Inc. is an international management consulting and coaching firm with clientele in the U.S. and abroad. Areas of expertise include Human Capital Development and Optimization, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

  • We enable clients to move beyond generic and inefficient approaches that are specifically geared toward meeting your unique needs.
  • We take holistic, systemic, and customized approaches to change that are reflected in our coaching and consulting methodologies and processes. We know that each company is different and has specific wants, needs, challenges, objectives, and goals. A one-size-fits-all approach does not facilitate the client reaping maximum benefits, reaching full potential, and responding more effectively to the dynamics of his/her environment.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced associates, leaders in their own right, are consultants, coaches, professors, researchers, practitioners, and authors. Each has acquired more than 15 years of experience domestically and internationally across various disciplines and industries.
  • Our associates develop and implement innovative and customer-driven strategies that produce measurable and sustainable results.
  • We empower our clients to become consistent and autonomous leaders in their own right. We recognize that when leaders and managers truly understand the dynamic of facilitating substantive change, they make informed decisions regarding their businesses. This approach not only empowers their employees but also produces long-term desired outcomes that are sustainable.
  • Clients that best utilize our coaching, consulting, and training and development expertise include:  Corporations,  Entrepreneurial and governmental entities, Non-profit organizations, Individuals looking for even greater levels of productivity, profitability, and success.
  • We are known and respected for surpassing clients’ expectations and achieving results that they once considered impossible.
  • We are guided by the operating philosophy of Pierre & Associates, Inc.: “We Do It Right The First Time.” and “Success Is the Only Option.”

Pierre & Associates Inc. delivers a comprehensive range of coaching and consulting services both nationally and internationally across diverse disciplines, industries (e.g. healthcare, technology, financial institution, food, retail, fashion, insurance, printing, utilities, and government) as well as across line and staff business functions.

At Pierre & Associates, Inc., all services are customized and holistic to ensure that they achieve your desired results. We work with leadership on a confidential and non-confidential basis to determine objectives and goals they want to achieve and establish metrics to monitor progress and measure success that are in alignment with the company’s vision and directives. Based on our vast and diverse experience, we have customizable modules that clients can choose from or that we can develop from scratch. The ROI for the client is:

  • Maximum utilization of their human capital
  • Employees who become assets and a dynamic force not only to the company but also to themselves
  • High performing teams
  • Significant increase in productivity levels and profitability gains.

Specialties: consulting and coaching firm holistic, systemic, and customized approaches to change executive & leadership development intercultural communications career development, transformation, & transition


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