Pico Greetings Inc.


Pico Greetings design and manufacture innovative design of Pico Pop Out Greeting Cards.   Supporters receive these special cards, reads special messaging, pushes out the figure and attaches it to their computer monitor – this is the experience supporters will feel when they receive their very own “DNC” or “Hillary For America – Pico Pop Out Card.   Every card will be personalized for your supporters and turns their computer into a billboard to communicate your mission!

This is a phenomenal way to engage supporters and voters. Simply having this on their computer gives them a conversation starter to introduce their friends and family to the Hillary for America campaign – the original form of peer-to-peer!

In order to execute a highly successful campaign you will need communication tools with all the intelligent designs. We would like to offer three of our concept proven designs. Lets join forces and collaborate to make sure your campaign, fundraising projects has exceptional materials to communicate your mission and bring results.


Specialties: specialized cards communications branding messaging


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f. uc.faenza@picogreetings.com

6301 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304