Peeler-Allen Consulting

We provide political and non-profit clients with fundraising and strategic planning expertise.


An enthusiastic, creative and strategic thinker, with strong leadership, interpersonal and written communication skills.

• A strong advocate with profound knowledge of legislative and policy procedures.

• Key relationships with City, State, and Federal elected officials, community based organizations and national leaders.

• A respected community leader with positive results in developing and launching successful programs and initiatives.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Meeting & Retreat Facilitation, Campaign Management, Government Relations, Community Relations.


“She understands donor motivation,” says fundraiser Cynthia Darrison. “And she has relationships with a lot of people. She’s extraordinarily capable.”

A panicked gubernatorial campaign once called Ms. Peeler-Allen in the middle of the night to raise $50,000 by noon. “We did pull that together,” she recalls. “If you don’t do your job, the campaign collapses. It’s a lot of pressure.”




Specialties: strategic planning fundraising for political and non-profits meeting & retreat facilitation community relations


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