Ortiz Industry, Inc.


Ortiz Industry is an apparel design, development, manufacturing and consulting company. We are brand development specialists, with an emphasis on consumer marketing and products. Our product focus is on        sustainable, performance apparel for working professionals. We work as both  B2C manufacturers as well as B2B product and service providers. Apparel and Footwear is our speciality, while we also create marketing, consumer research, trend analysis and communication platforms for our clients.  We create private label logo’d original         products as private label programs. Finally, we do public speaking as Key Notes in the Technology and Fashion industries.

Claire Ortiz is CEO and Founder of “intelligent fashion” company Ortiz Industry, Inc. For more than 25 years, Claire has built infrastructure and led teams in startup environments and global corporations like Nike, Wilson and Underarmour. She has garnered a reputation for her entrepreneurial edge and ability to transform brands into major revenue generators.

With Ortiz Industry, Inc., her third start up, she is using her expertise in materials development to create an unmatched value to the brand through proprietary formulas for performance materials. By collaborating with the likes of DuPont and Optimer to invent compounds for new technical fibers, she is literally creating an emerging market for performance fashion that looks and feels good from a skateboard to a boardroom.



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