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Kathy Groob is a successful political and business executive with over 35 years experience. As a former elected municipal official and a high profile state senate candidate, Kathy earned a reputation for savvy political strategy and accomplishment. In her business career, Kathy is an entrepreneur and small business owner and served as a senior executive for a $178 million real estate and construction firm.

Kathy is the founder of ElectWomen, political advocacy for women and was a co-founder for Emerge Kentucky, a political training program for women. She is a well-known speaker, trainer and author of Pink Politics. Kathy was appointed to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s transition team.

Kathy has broad expertise in strategy, communications, crisis PR, fundraising and digital media. She and her firm have won several awards for leadership and political strategy and messaging.

We provide everything it takes to run a winning campaign. Our skilled political and fundraising professionals provide the very best in strategy, technology, and execution.

We work with Democratic clients at the federal, state, and county levels, as well as PACs and Super PACs. We also work with highly-qualified candidates in non-partisan judicial and municipal races.

We also work in public affairs and strategic government relations. Our relationships and understanding of the political system allows us to provide our clients with political and public policy advice and advocacy.


  • General consulting
  • Fundraising
  • Message development
  • Polling
  • Media relations
  • Crisis PR and reputation management
  • Digital and social media
  • Websites
  • Mail, TV, radio
  • Campaign toolbox
  • Public affairs
  • Issue advocacy

November Strategies presents candidate training workshops, and have extensive experience as featured speakers at events at events or fundraisers. We share inspirational, educational stories and insights on campaign successes, failures, and barriers to running for office.

Kathy Groob is the author of Pink Politics: The Women’s Practical Guide To Winning Elections and brings an enlightened perspective on issues important to improving women’s status in the political arena and in the workplace. Her motivational, upbeat style engages and inspires audiences to become involved in the mission to elect more women.


Specialties: general consulting message development polling crisis PR media relations campaign toolbox issue advocacy


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