Newport Design Group

At Newport we measure our success by how well our clients grow their businesses in facilities designed by our team. To survive, one must learn from the best, implement what works and continually keep an eye on sound business practices…the rest comes easily.  Owning our own building, having low debt and maintaining long lasting relationships with our vendors, consultants and clients gives a firm foundation and the assurance that we will be here when you need us…in the US and around the world.

Experience differentiates Newport Design Group from most other Architectural firms. Each of our Senior staff members averages over 30 years of professional architectural experience on a wide range of projects nationally and internationally. Our Project Teams have include registered Architects, designers, coordinators and planners who have an average of 15 years experience on projects ranging from custom residential to hospitality to international airports.

At Newport Design Group, our Architects are passionate about each and every project we undertake.  Throughout the US and around the world, you will find people using our buildings to work, live, shop, worship and stay in.

MBE Firm.

Specialties: architectural design stage design special event planning


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