New Wooden Design Solutions, Inc.

Greetings from New Wooden Design Solutions, Inc.   We would like to introduce you to our 2016 Presidential Election product line which ranges from custom wooden game sets with commemorative pieces, wooden jigsaw puzzle posters,  brochures, and other items uniquely tailored to your ideas.

Imagine playing chess with the 2016 Presidential candidates as your game pieces, or perhaps, Tic Tac Toe with the leading candidates etched on the game pieces.  It is an interesting and fun way to invite your friends to play with politics.

In addition to fun and games, these products have amazing  potential for fundraising events and can be used as commemorative gift items for the 2016 political events.

Give us your design and we will create your product.  With these hand-made wooden Eco-friendly items, the voters will remember both the election and your personalized event.

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Specialties: entertainment fundraising graphic arts marketing promotional materials


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