New Partners, Inc

New Partners, Inc. 

We are a full service agency that can provide services on all aspects of a campaign except for polling. We have our own unionized calls centers, in-house research, advertising, communications and media.

Whether you are looking to win an election, advocate for an issue, raise money, or build a movement, we will help you develop and execute a strategy that combines time-tested, accountable practices with the latest in communications and technology to achieve your goals.

Today we are operating in a new environment based on a fundamental shift in how we organize, communicate and advocate. The New Partners team has been at the epicenter of that shift, and we will help you navigate it.

We will help you:

  • Write a plan with tactics, budgets and timelines
  • Recruit your team and build your infrastructure
  • Plan and execute an effective grassroots organizing strategy
  • Develop new relationships with allied organizations and other strategic partners
  • Craft and disseminate your message through traditional media and new media
  • Build or grow your development program


Specialties: strategic positioning grassroots organizing research communications development & finance


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1250 I St. NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005