NetStairs® is a boutique tech-marketing firm that builds “Intelligent Social Media & Middleware Platforms”. We make custom digital media infrastructures and interactive content delivery networks for clients globally. We combine art, science, & technology into a showcase of operating platforms (OP) founded on our intelligent media middleware algorithms with a focus on Interactive, Live, Unicast, Multicast, Simulcast, On-Demand, Streaming, Progressive, Unified Communications, Tele-Presence, Video Conferencing, VChat, Webinar, Webcast, and Podcast protocols.

The advantages of Interactive Social Media from is that we offer fully secure, global telecommunications and internet TV. We have the platforms everyone is looking for they just don’t know it yet. I look forward to your interest, questions and comments. This will enable any entity/ you to broadcast your events, data, video, music over the  internet in realtime. Hence, building your audience throughout the internet 24/7. Any corp’s or individuals work deserves high quality distribution at the lowest cost per screen possible. We supply just that. Also enclosed, are some web links already developed to give you a better idea of the stretch and leverage this technology platform brings to bare.


Specialties: data storage media middleware algorit interactive social media digital media infrastructures and interactive content delivery networks iMHS - interactive managed hosted services


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