Moxie Media

Moxie Media is a woman-owned, outside-the-DC-beltway, national political consulting firm that has won competitive elections in more than 40 states, at every level of the ballot, on behalf of progressive organizations, coalitions, and candidates since 1999.

Across the nation our principals have helped elect President Obama in seven states, eight Governors, ten U.S. Senators, fifteen U.S. Representatives, and numerous state legislators in eleven states. We have helped win proactive progressive initiatives, including ballot measures to prohibit indoor smoking, support long-term care workers, create renewable energy standards, legalize same-sex marriage, and raise the minimum wage.

As established leaders in the national progressive community we develop and leverage evidence-based best practices for voter contact, including Experiment Informed Programs for direct mail in competitive races throughout the country.

We are foremost experts on targeting, persuading, and mobilizing women voters through our multi-cycle involvement with national research projects focused on winning with the female electorate.

Together we win elections and awards with cost-effective, layered communications programs in the field, online, and in the mailbox, including culturally sensitive multi-language materials.

WME LGBT firm.


Specialties: issue advocacy ballot measures social pressure gotv field materials


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