Mendoza Group Inc.

Mendoza Group Inc. was founded in 1995 as Delaware Valley’s first full-service Hispanic advertising agency and later expanded to serve the full spectrum of America’s ethnic populations. Today, Mendoza Group’s diverse team of multilingual marketing experts use their strategic, creative, and cultural insights to match the needs of their clients with those of the multicultural communities that are quickly becoming America’s new general market.

Mia Mendoza began her career in the broadcasting industry as the host of the first Spanish-language talk show, “Tertulia”, in Tampa Bay, Florida. She later worked for CBS Sports as interpreter for Latin American sports broadcasts. In 1983 she moved to Philadelphia to work for the Fox network and later became Director of Sales Development for Telemundo.  Mia founded Mendoza Group in response to the overwhelming need of U.S. corporations to reach multicultural consumers.

Transcreation Services

Mendoza Group’s process of “transcreation” translates not only the language, but the full meaning of your message. Twenty years of experience in transcreating documents into more than 53 languages for the legal, healthcare and advertising industries using our certified ATA translators and Mendoza-authored glossaries have made us a proven leader in language translation services.


Specialties: multicultural marketing full service advertising specialized cultural insight translation services graphic design media buying public speaking


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