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Mammen Group was founded by Anil Mammen in 1999 to provide persuasion mail consulting services to Democratic candidates, Party committees, initiative and referendum campaigns, trade associations, labor unions and public interest groups. We are a full service firm, providing message development, copy writing, design, production, targeting and mailing services.

In 2010, our mail played a critical role in helping Mark Dayton win a highly competitive primary and general election campaign to become the first Democrat in 24 years to be elected Governor of Minnesota.

In 2008, our mail was instrumental in helping Gerry Connolly win a tough primary and general election campaign to pick up the Congressional seat being vacated by Republican Tom Davis in VA-11, and we were proud to help Congressman Connolly win reelection in 2010 in one of the toughest Congressional races in the nation. Over the years, our mail has played a critical role in electing several members of Congress including Congressman Steny Hoyer (MD-05), Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02), Congressman Mike Michaud (ME-02), Congressman John Olver (MA-01) and Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (PA-13).

At Mammen Group, we create direct mail and print advertising that is visually engaging, while communicating in language that is clear, concise and credible. We put a tremendous amount of thought and creative energy into each piece so it meets the unique challenges of a particular race. That’s why we avoid generic mail programs that require clients to have their pieces conform to pre-assigned specifications.

We write and design each piece so that it’s easy to read and understand, allowing voters to absorb our information with little effort. Since we know the public is highly skeptical of political advertising, we use proven techniques to make our message believable. This is most important when creating pieces that criticize an opponent for their record, policy positions, or other shortcomings. To be effective, such mail needs to be aggressive while remaining credible. Not all mail consultants understand this, and many of them do not understand that what’s perfectly acceptable in one community, may be over-the-top and ineffective in another part of the country.

Our senior staff put tremendous emphasis on being accessible to our clients. In addition to delivering high-impact direct mail, we are always available to help clients meet the many political and organizational challenges they face every day. Following are profiles of just some of the staff who work closely with our clients to execute the communication strategies that elect Democratic candidates and advance progressive causes.


Specialties: persuasion mail consulting services initiative and referendum campaigns message development targeting and mailing services copy writing


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