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Loescher Consulting understands the unique challenges faced by today’s leaders of cause-driven organizations.  As a senior leader with 25 years experience, Doug Loescher has worked with more than 300 organizations and executives across the country to develop their own leadership potential.  He is dedicated to building healthy and balanced executives and teams, through targeted assessment, team facilitation and leadership development.

Doug can help co-create an impactful leadership profile for you, to:

  • Develop compelling ideas and clear priorities – with a fast-paced process that will lead to a more focused agenda for progress and success.
  • Get more support and less resistance – Move beyond the gridlock of skepticism and resistance, through a collaborative consensus-building framework that will engage all stakeholders, with more enthusiastic results.
  • Inspire others to action and change – Raise the bar for performance for yourself and your team, with an integrated assessment and coaching plan designed to spark new insights, and create lasting change.

Loescher Consulting offers executive coaching, leadership development, training and facilitation for professionals in the social, public and private sectors in Washington DC.

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Specialties: executive coaching meeting facilitation training organizational development conflict resolution leadership development


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