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L. Joy Williams is President of LJW Community Strategies, a strategic advisory and community engagement firm that provides support to corporate, elected, non-profit and membership-based organizations to engage and communicate more effectively with its members, constituents, government institutions and the general public.


Government & Community Affairs | Community Engagement | Grassroots Advocacy | Campaign Planning & Strategy | G.O.T.V | Government & Political Staff Development | Strategic District Planning

Throughout her career, Williams has continued to demonstrate a strong talent as a political planner and tactician, both in campaign and government politics. She has served in several high-impact leadership positions on behalf of some of New York’s most well-known electeds, and continues to be a respected and well-sought after voice in city, state and national politics.

Williams is an experienced facilitator who has designed and conducted trainings and workshops for elected officials, aspiring political candidates, government staff, community groups and non-profit organizations. Among her most sought-after trainings are “Elements of a Strategic District Plan” and “Becoming a More Effective Staffer,” which are designed to help electeds and their staffs more effectively strategize and engage constituents.




Specialties: government & community affairs grassroots advocacy GOTV staff development campaign planning & strategy


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