Lisa A Garcia Strategic Consulting Firm

Areas of Specialization ~

  • Lisa provides expertise for clients seeking strategic consultation that will help them reach their business goals.  Her services involve assessing organizational structures and offering more efficient configuration, staffing options, objectives and long term business planning. As well as interposing with key stakeholders, governments on the local, state, federal and global levels, both legislative and their constitutional agencies.

Practice Areas ~

  • Consultation to develop strategic plans that will identify goals, priorities, key players and a suggested action plan.
  • Federal, state and local network to produce groundswell of support for client interest in official, grass tops, grassroots levels and coalition building.
  • Outreach capability to specific populations, ethnic/racial/gender, to determine strategy that will gain insight of common interest and capture support to facilitate success for the client.
  • As a strategic adviser, Lisa guides businesses specifically how to convince and mobilize voters and opinion elites in support of her client’s agenda.
  • As well as working closely with local media and public relations firms doing grassroots work, coalition building, crisis response and reputation management.

Firm Overview ~

Lisa has strong Texas, Washington experience in the executive branch, the Hill, the state capitol and a broad set of relationships that would be valuable for any business enterprise.

She has broad experience in a corporate environment, strong ability to translate policy to business leaders.

As a creative and independent professional, Lisa is known as an outstanding relationship builder and has the ability to develop a strategic plan for how to most effectively engage external stakeholders to deliver value for any organization.

Such as message and brand development, strategy and planning, media relations, crisis communications and social and digital engagement

Lisa balances her time between Austin, Texas and Washington D.C., and is positioned to focus on long term structural planning, drafting plans, budgets, goals and election cycle strategies.

As a Hispanic woman, Lisa leads her consulting firm and as a business partner will be front and center supporting her clients goals and objectives.

Specialties: Media Relations Business Planning Policy Planning Strategic Planning Grassroots Advocacy Voter Mobilization Brand Development


p. 202.528.7502

1212 Guadalupe Street, 201, Austin, TX 78701