Our mission is to improve customer work environments by offering technological solutions and support services that increase workplace productivity, streamline operations, and lower corporate operating cost. We focus on what’s important to our customer by first understanding their priorities and goals.

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We aim to be known as a quality focused technological provider in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We stand poised and ready to serve our customers and to become partners in success!

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We have helped hundreds of clients enhance their collateral quality workflows through our unique Collateral Underwriting Solutions, Investor Securitization Reports, and Appraisal Review services, while at the same time protecting our clients from all types of collateral risk. With a highly seasoned panel of valuation professionals, industry know-how obtained through years of management of complex appraisal situations and valuation of unusual properties, coupled with our vast experience in the Capital Markets, Mortgage Servicing, and Forensic Valuation arenas, we can provide the right answers to your unique challenges. LinkIT LLC provides highly accurate desktop valuation reports within an ROI-positive framework. Our valuation process leverages the industry’s best analytics and automated tools, and combines these with the expertise and local MLS of an experienced certified or licensed residential appraiser. This industry leading valuation process is designed to meet and/or exceed regulatory requirements at both federal and state levels. This process includes best in class AVM Cascade, but a non-AVM version is also available.

Our Staff Augmentation Solutions provide the support needed to ensure that your organizational projects can reach their milestones. Leveraging our staff of highly experienced personnel allows your employees to focus on other critical tasks ensuring growth and increased efficiency.

MBE/DBE firm 

Specialties: event planning/management asset valuation broker price opinions traditional/alternative appraisals valuation quality controls


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