The Link2Tek political solution provides a direct contact resource that enables campaigns to strategically target voters and transmit issue-relevant messaging with pinpoint precision. Campaigns have traditionally been encumbered by enormous amounts of data with a primary goal of list compilation.  Link2Tek utilizes data to derive actionable intelligence in order to predict the “best” targets and most relevant messaging. By combining data and communication resources within a single platform, a campaign can apply the intelligence derived from data to enhance its ability to guide decisions, messaging and spending.

MBE/WBE firm.

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Our strength in data and communications lies in staff  expertise in data analytics, systems development and implementation, and integration of data with mass communications functionality to deliver the right message to the right voter.


Campaigns every where are concerned about reducing costs, improving efficiency, and influencing voters to turnout on behalf of the candidate. Link2Tek develops individual voter profiles to ensure that candidate communications are aligned with individual voter “hot buttons.”

Specialties: political and policy research data analytics, systems development and implementation refined & targeted fundraising efforts voter files merging voter and candidate issue alignment


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