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Liebmann Associates is a full-service research firm that specializes in opposition research, background investigations, legal support and other investigative services, .

Liebmann Associates clients represent a broad array of businesses and organizations, including political campaigns, advocacy organizations, companies, employers, law firms and private individuals. We also partner with public relations, polling and other consulting firms to provide dynamic services for our clients. Based in Milwaukee, we serve clients in Wisconsin and across the nation.

At Liebmann Associates we have proven experience in conducting comprehensive opposition research on a wide variety of candidates and issues. We bring a special investigative element to your project. Our firm has an outstanding track record of delivering usable research in local, regional and statewide races. We have worked with campaigns and advocacy organizations involving legislative, executive and judicial offices. We can also perform similar services for issue and policy based projects.

Cory Liebmann has over a decade of experience as a licensed private investigator working in a broad range of cases for law firms. Specialties include criminal defense investigations and preparing for a civil trial. Mr. Liebmann has worked on both high and lower profile cases but has done so with the same level of diligence and discretion. We can help give you the tools to win your next case by providing some of the following services:

  • Review police reports/discovery and help plan an investigative strategy for the case
  • Locate and interview the client, witnesses and alleged victims
  • Conduct a background investigation on the client or key witnesses in the case
  • Draft signed statements from witnesses or alleged victims
  • Observe a crime or traffic scene, take measurements, take photos, draft a sketch


A seasoned opposition research and investigative professional, Cory Liebmann is the President of Liebmann Associates LLC. Prior to founding Liebmann Associates, Mr. Liebmann served as the research director for the progressive research and communications organization, One Wisconsin Now. While at OWN, Mr. Liebmann worked with other partners to help create and develop an effective research infrastructure. Early successes in that effort became the subject of a 2007 front page story in Madison’s Capital Times newspaper.

While at One Wisconsin Now, Cory Liebmann also served as the blog editor, writing regular content that helped drive traffic to the website.  That compelling content also helped in driving a message to the general public.  We draw on this experience to help bridge the gap between research and communications. For example, informed by our research we can help you with your rapid response and overall communications strategy.

Prior to his work for One Wisconsin Now, Cory Liebmann worked as a licensed private investigator specializing primarily in criminal defense and comprehensive background investigations. He has been a licensed private detective in Wisconsin for over 12 years.

Cory Liebmann has authored numerous articles for a variety of publications and websites.

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Specialties: progressive research investigative services partner with pollsters blog editing


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