Ketalog, Inc.

Ketalog is an award winning Google Certified Partner. We understand the timely and sensitive matters involved in political campaigns. We have worked on political campaigns and teams for various Political Parties both in the US and abroad.

We are an audience engagement firm that specializes in development, analysis and ultimately engagement. At Ketalog we are proud of providing excellent Analysis, Development, Design & Customized Digital Marketing solutions to a variety of clients across the globe.

As an entertainment advertising agency, we endeavor to exceed expectations by exploring new opportunities and seeking innovative methods of reaching our client’s film targeted demographic, video on demand, box office and street goals.

Our strength is belied in our ability to create and implement media plans that fulfill our client’s advertising needs. We work in tandem with our clients to maximize a film’s exposure and potential revenue.

In-depth research and analysis

Continuous research and analysis is at the heart of any successful campaign. At Ketalog that is the key to our success. We make sure we have spent enough time at the drawing board to lay the groundwork for any campaign we get involved with.

Creative copywriting development and execution

Storytelling or crafting a narrative that speaks to the audience and elicits a response is paramount to our success. Going from audience to loyalist starts with great storytelling. We tell stories that create converts.

Account fulfillment and budget planning

Dotting our I ‘s and crossing our T’s with every endeavor affords our client peace of mind that their campaigns will be executed properly and on time with no hitches or problems. We back everything up with in-depth reporting.

All Inclusive reporting

We provide an all inclusive reporting dashboard to keep you informed and up to date on your campaign. Our dashboard reports on a myriad of platforms including CRM, advertising, finance and analytics.




Specialties: create media plans research and analysis narrative creation media consulting social media graphic design creative advertising audience engagement


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