Ink Forest Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

Ink Forest Eco-Friendly Screen Printing is unique among screen

printers in the United States.

Ink Forest is women owned and operated in what is a primarily male

dominated profession. Our printing process also makes us unique. Our

water based inks do not contain any hazardous chemicals that will harm

the wearer or the environment. We use locally sourced soybean, based

solvents throughout our clean up process. Traditional inks contain

Phthalates, PVC’s and Formaldehyde as well as other carcinogenic

chemicals. To clean up these traditional inks chemicals such as

Benzene and Toluene are used. Our method provides a safer and greener

alternative to the harsh practices of traditional screen printing. In

turn our T-shirts are healthier and safer for our clients.

In keeping with our commitment to the health and safety of our

clients, we are registered with the Consumer Products Safety

Commission. Ink Forest Eco-Friendly Screen Printing meets or exceeds

all safety regulations for the printing of children’s clothing.

Ink Forest Eco-Friendly Screen Printing is proud to support other

American businesses. We offer a variety of shirts made by Union

workers right here in Chicago and from around the country.





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