Imprenta Communications Group Worldwide (ICG)

Imprenta Communications Group is an award-winning public affairs, campaign and ethnic marketing firm. Founded in 2001, with offices in Southern and Northern California, Imprenta has produced quantifiable and measurable results for Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and candidates for public office that demand and expect to win.

Imprenta specializes in reaching diverse, underserved communities, and we understand the cultural and linguistic nuances that exist throughout our state. We have an intimate knowledge of the California marketplace, political environment and culture.

Imprenta was founded upon a simple premise:

Because of California’s rapidly changing demographics, previously untapped diverse communities can now make the difference between companies, government agencies and candidates winning or losing mind share and market share throughout the state.

Imprenta has consistently delivered results and has won marketing, public affairs, and campaigns throughout California where diverse communities have provided the winning margin.

Imprenta is at the cutting edge of communications targeting diverse communities. Our creative strategies and approach has won numerous awards for excellence in health care marketing, multicultural communications, and direct mail and print ads targeting bi-lingual audiences.

Imprenta has also won numerous awards in healthcare marketing including an Aster Award, The Communicator Awards from the International Academy of the Visual Arts, and a Golden Advocate Award from the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association.

In 2013, Imprenta received the Asian Business Advocacy Award from the Los Angeles Business Journal, citing Imprenta’s “radical success and growth.”

MBE/DBE firm.

Specialties: marketing direct mail and print ads targeting bi-lingual audiences public affairs campaign and ethnic marketing market share developer political strategist


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