Image Audio & Security, Inc.

Image Audio and Security, Inc. are experts in low voltage electrical services; primarily audio visual systems, security and surveillance systems, fire alarms, and photovoltaics (PV) solar powered systems.
We have developed a strong reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.  Whether the need is a high quality cost effective audio and visual system, an innovative access control functionality for security, or a mobile based solution to monitor a location remotely, we have innovative solutions for every desired application.

We at Image Audio and Security have always been ready and willing to embrace change since our founding in 1991. Over the past 20 years we have seen changes in the evolving technologies that drive our business services and products.

Our company is dedicated to creating value and making a difference. Our relationships are built and sustained by our core company values: Integrity, Fairness, and Performing Excellence. As a growing company, our objective is to continuously exceed our performance and sustain competitiveness. We are flexible to quickly respond to changing customer requirements and we deliver consistent value and quality to our customers.

We consult, design, and deliver innovative solar solutions and help our customers achieve the power of solar with the functionality of advanced materials in a technology based application. As Solar panel technology has evolved in size, weight, and aesthetics, we conduct extensive research to ensure that the applications delivered are based on the individual customer’s scope and requirements and are tailored with quality materials and equipment.

MBE/DBE firm

Specialties: low voltage electrical services surveillance systems fire alarms photovoltaics (PV) solar powered systems


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