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At Hispanic Strategy Group, we combine years of experience in the White House with extensive knowledge and expertise in lobbying, public policy, advocacy, and communications to enhance the work of each client in the areas of: Government Relations, Strategic Communications, Diversity Building/Multicultural Affairs, and Advocacy Operations. Understanding that each client’s needs are unique, our team works closely with clients to ensure that we deliver the highest level of service to meet their respective goals.

Government Relations
Direct Legislative and Executive Lobbying
Legislative Strategy and Tactic Development
Monitoring and Reporting of Legislative Activities
Strategic Alliance Development
Congressional Member and Staff Briefings

Strategic Communications
Development and Implementation of Communications Plans
Branding and Message Development
Media Outreach
Direct Mail Campaigns

Diversity Building – Multicultural Affairs
Hispanic Outreach and Relationship Management
Corporate Diversity Planning
Strategic Partnership Development

Advocacy Operations
Public Policy Advocacy
Development and Management of Advocacy Campaigns
Creative Coalition Building
Grassroots Outreach
Special Event Management
Speaker Recruitment


Prior to launching his private practice, Mr. Mark Magaña served in the White House as the Special Assistant to President Clinton for Legislative Affairs. Serving as President Clinton’s primary legislative lobbyist to multiple House Committees, he provided strategic and political advice to the President on Administration policy. Mr. Magaña also coordinated the lobbying and legislative efforts of associated Departments and Agencies. In 1996, Mr. Magaña was appointed by President Clinton to represent the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) before Congress. As a Political appointee, Mr. Magaña was responsible for advancing the legislative agenda of the President and the Secretary. He briefed and advised House and Senate Members and Committee staff regarding HHS legislation, regulations, policy and strategy. Mr. Magaña played a critical role in the legislative fight over the future of Medicaid, Medicare and Child Welfare.



Specialties: Strategic Communications Diversity Building/Multicultural Affairs Advocacy Operations Legislative Strategy and Tactic Development Strategic Alliance Development Grassroots Outreach


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