Garcia Research Associates

Understanding U.S. Hispanics in all of their diversity requires the fierce commitment and deep expertise offered by Knowledge Networks. With its recent acquisition of Garcia Research Associates, KN extended its long-standing commitment to Hispanic research, becoming the leading force guiding research that helps you tap $1 trillion in Hispanic buying power. Our survey research goes beyond language identifiers to include Acculturated, Bicultural and Acculturated Hispanic consumers, as well as those that were without internet access.

KN’s Hispanic resources now include 15 full time expert researchers and two unmatched online panels that we use to identify the organic growth and portfolio opportunities an effective Hispanic marketing and media effort can bring you. Those panels are:

We track everything you need to understand how your products are really performing, what is driving customer behavior and how you can innovate for success.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide both the full picture and context for your market and consumers, as well as the fine detail you need to make key decisions.

Specialties: advertising & communication optimization brand value optimization channel & category optimization market insights & growth opportunities product design & optimization quantative research


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